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Janssen Research & Development and Museum Dr. Guislain,
in their own particular way, want to break the chains of stigma that today still characterize societies' perception on mental illnesses.

People, organizations or projects all over the world that have made an exceptional contribution in dealing with, or promoting the attention for, mental healthcare are eligible to receive the Dr. Guislain Award. The intention of this international prize is to reward initiatives that approach people suffering from a mental illness as cultural, creative and social beings.

It is aimed at social and/or cultural initiatives that deal with mental healthcare in a scientific, clear and dynamic way. 
Initiatives that promote the creativity of those suffering from mental illness, including the prevention of social exclusion by questioning the boundary between normal and abnormal behavior in its social context. This concerns initiatives which emphasize the dignity of sufferers in a passionate, creative and innovative way.
In other words, initiatives that focus on the abilities rather than on the shortcomings of the mentally ill.

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